A Message From Us

When I had my daughter,

I wanted her to enjoy so many of the same simple pleasures I remembered from my childhood: long days riding bicycles around the block, hastily scribbled “50 cents” signs on Lemonade stands, the magic of snow and falling leaves, endless hours reading cuddled up with a doll in my room, the taste of hot buttered popcorn as you waited for your film to start. But things move quicker now, and while in some ways, things are improved (hello grocery pick-up and Netflix), sometimes it can feel like the wonder of childhood is harder to find.

The Magnus Company was built to hold on to the traditions of the past while encouraging our children to build a beautiful future. This Summer, we released some of our first wares: puzzles, stories, and playthings that will delight and inspire.

We’re committed to honoring Black children and Black culture by ensuring that our children aren’t relegated to sidekicks or mature characters without magic or whimsy.

At the Magnus Company, Black children are protagonists and heroes. They fly with dinosaurs, they reign over kingdoms with crowns on their heads, they dance down the streets of New York City without a care in the world.

Too often, our young people are forced to rush from the simple moments of childhood straight into the confusing rush of adolescence before it is time. Our goal is not to reject the new and the modern, but instead to make the magic last. Seeing themselves full of possibility, fantasy, and dreams is what every child deserves. 

Thank you for following us here, for helping us preserve the treasures of childhood in our little ones’ hearts, for the memories our children make in this time will be a comfort to them for all of time.