About Us

Welcome to the Magnus Company: a place where little brown princesses romp through sparkling castles, and Afro-adorned astronauts soar in starlit skies. Here, your little one’s dreams of Black princesses and brave adventurers with twists and fades come true.

But this place didn't exist a year ago. We created it because we were tired of parsing through the shelves at stores and doing extensive online searches in pursuit of toys and stories featuring Black children experiencing wonder, contentment, and joy. We wanted quality playthings that reflected our culture: play food that honored the tasty and nourishing recipes our ancestors passed down through generations, experiences that featured little brown faces as the standard not the exception, and books about our children experiencing the sweetness of life, not just the heaviness. At the Magnus Company, we believe that toys and stories are the teachers of childhood. The time our children spend playing and tinkering matters. And we shouldn't have to search extensively for playthings that reflect our beauty and heritage; they should be readily available.

With the Magnus Company, parents and children can laugh until your stomachs hurt during a game of restaurant with our play macaroni and collards, or relax together reading “Sloane in the City” in a homemade fort. Here, you can soothe your little one’s fears with our sunny Orion the Astronaut stuffie, or spend a rainy afternoon putting together our Little Royals puzzle.

Just as we seek to charm the heart and inspire pride through play, we seek to return to the fundamentals that once made shopping a joy: personalized service, responsive customer care, and a true commitment to quality and value. We hope you enjoy your time with us today, and our workshop is available anytime at elves@themagnusco.com.