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Fall and Winter Bucket List Pins

Fall and Winter Bucket List Pins

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Crafted from gorgeously painted soft enamel and specially designed to represent the beauty of the Black diaspora, our Fall and Winter Bucket List Pins are all about celebrating the sweet, simple moments with your family. When you take a second to admire the brilliant autumn leaves or have your first cup of hot chocolate of the season, take out your Fall and Winter Bucket List Pins and mark the occasion! And our pins are made from high quality materials, meant to last, and be passed down—from sibling to sibling, from parent to child.

Each set of Fall and Winter Bucket List Pins comes with a 100% muslin cotton bag for storage.


12.6 x 3.94 x 7.09 inches

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Customer Reviews

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Ashley Jefferson

With so much happening in the world today, there is SUCH a need for making every memory count! When my students and I did the summer list, we knew we needed more and the fall and bucket pins do not disappoint! Great quality and well made, we love these as an active time capsule to stay positive, in the moment and remember the quality time that matters MOST!

Wonderful Tradition

We love these pins. We actually put them up on a cork board in our dining room and they are beautiful. What a great, creative idea for families to commemorate their time together. If you were ever a girl scout, this will really be fun for you because it's sort of like the cute badges you earn. :)

  • Mission

    The Magnus Company was built to hold on to the traditions of the past while encouraging our children to build a beautiful future

  • Values

    Committed to honoring Black children and Black culture by ensuring that our children aren’t relegated to sidekicks or mature characters without magic or whimsy.

  • Goal

    Our goal is not to reject the new and the modern, but instead to make the magic last. Seeing themselves full of possibility, fantasy, and dreams is what every child deserves.