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Orion the Astronaut

Orion the Astronaut

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Our best-selling stuffie, Orion the Astronaut is back in stock!

When you first meet Orion, he’ll be wearing a super special light blue protective space suit, and tall gray boots, perfect for exploring the mountainous regions of faraway planets and leaping over puddle of space goo. Your Orion stuffie wears a friendly smile on his deep brown skin, and has dark coils and curls peeking from beneath his space-proof helmet. His soft body is very huggable and made from the best quality plush fabric designed to weather hours of imaginative play, long car rides, and trips to the moon. He stands 12.5 inches, and can easily be slipped into a backpack for traveling, or a toddler bed for cuddling. No matter the occasion, your Orion the Astronaut will be ready for the adventures ahead!

Orion comes stored in an 100% muslin cotton bag.


12.6 x 3.94 x 7.09 inches

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

I got this for my baby cousin and he loved it!!! I will definitely buy more toys from this shop.

mary downes

Orion the Astronaut

Pamela Thomas
What a great purchase!

I am a former preschool teacher, and one of the things that I noticed while I was teaching is that none of the boys had dolls, boy dolls, that they could play with. So when I came across your site and I saw the astronaut doll. I had to get three for the newest members of my family. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Can’t wait to give this to my favorite preschooler for Christmas. He will love it!

Monique Harper-Desir
Great toys!

Great quality and representation!

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